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The BMW Smart Box Redefined!

Watch Netflix, YouTube and using CarPlay apps without coding or installation.

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The 1st Carplay box which compatible with the latest BMWs.

Supports the latest models - Compatible with 95% of BMWs produced from 2015 to 2022 (iDrive 7).


Your car’s factory infotainment system deserves an upgrade. Carluex BMW S1 is a powerful Android device that converts your original car screen to Android tablet. The smart box itself has an independent Android 11.0 system, which means that you can download any application from the Google play store. Improving your driving experience and expanding your car infotainment system in all aspects.


With the Android 11 system smart box that greatly enhances the capability of original infotainment screen, now you are able to:

(1) Watch Video from Youtube/Netflix/Hulu and more popular apps.


(2) Use Google Map, Maze or popular navigation apps for a better preference. 

(3) Download apps for more entertainment.


Support Wireless CarPlay & Wireless Android Auto!

After a quick one-time setup, your phone will then connect automatically every time you drive. Go ahead and leave your phone in your pocket and let us do the rest. 


Powerful Hardware Specs For a Smooth Experience!


Compatible with BMWs:

Compatible for all post-2015 models with screen and support for CarPlay and Android Auto, with the latest support for iDrive 7 models built after 2020.

Compatible Phones:

Wireless Carplay: iPhone 6 above and iOS 10 and above
Wireless Android Auto: Android phones with Android 10.0 above.

Be The 1st One to Get it

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